Welcome to Chicago Community Kollel

Welcome to Chicago Community Kollel

Upcoming Buffet of Jewish Thought


Buffet of Jewish Thought

with Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Monday May 24th.   At Noon

“Brutal Honesty & Loving Lies: Is it ever correct to lie or does truth trump all other considerations”

The Silversmith Hotel, 10 S Wabash

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Please call 773-262-9400 or email buffet@cckollel.org to reserve your place for our delicious lunch & fascinating lecture.


Email us at cckollel@cckollel.org

Call the Chicago Community Kollel at 773-262-9400 or email us at cckollel@cckollel.org for further information.
6506 N. California Avenue Chicago, IL 60645
To be set up with a chavrusah/learning partner please contact:
Rabbi Avi Weinrib: aweinrib@cckollel.org
Rabbi Moshe Sternman: 773-262-9400